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Dutch TV is a weekly television program on community TV Channel 31 in Melbourne and Geelong (Australia) and Foxtel Aurora. (Australia wide) We have been broadcasting for 6 years.

The program is about Dutch people living in Australia and is presented mostly in Dutch with English subtitles so that we can connect to everyone who has a link with the Netherlands. 

We cover topics such as Dutch culture in Australia, shared heritage and new topics from Holland.


We are nearly finished with this season and will go

in the repeats soon...

Filming new shows


At this website is information about my program Dutch TV in Australia.

Watch episodes online, events, Dutch - Australian topics and much more

Our program is NOW  on air in the repeat

SUNDAY         3 PM - 3.30 PM Channel 31 (digital on channel 44)

WEDNESDAY   6 PM - 6.30 PM Foxtel, Aurora (channel 183)

THURSDAY      8am - 11am - 4pm


We are also active on Facebook: dutchtvonline



Dutch TV - an introduction